About us

ACTION was started in 2011 and is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation registered in Brussels. It is run by Mark Corner and John McClintock, whose interests and concerns extend beyond food security, as their books below demonstrate.

President – Mark Corner

Dr Mark Corner is a lecturer at the University of Leuven, Belgium. He lectures in history, politics, economics and the European Union. His cv is here.

He has written these books:














The European Union: An Introduction explains what kind of beast it is and contains a chapter on the EU’s agricultural policy which is relevant to food reserves and buffer stocks. You can go to the publisher’s website by clicking here.

The Binding of Nations explores the philosophical origin of the European Union and explains how it came to be created after the second world war. It argues that the whole world would be better off if countries agreed to a partial sharing of sovereignty. One possible route towards the sharing of sovereignty is for countries to set up food reserves on a regional (multi-country) basis. It is available here.


Director – John McClintock

John McClintock is an agricultural economist. He has lived and worked in Belgium, Ethiopia, France, Malawi, Poland, Senegal, Sierra Leone and the United Kingdom. His cv is here.

He has written these books:












The Fight against Food Shortages and Surpluses is a guide to food buffer stocks which can moderate the market price of food and food commodities. This is advantageous to consumers and farmers. The book presents the argument that all governments – both rich and poor – should set up food buffer stocks. For a 2-minute video about the book, click here. To go to the publisher’s website, please click here.

The Uniting of Nations explains how the limited and partial sharing of sovereignty can make it easier for governments to resolve global challenges by creating international law that is both fair and enforceable. For the publisher’s website, please click here.