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ACTION in America

Over the last twelve months ACTION has intensified its campaign within the EU institutions in order to win support for the development of regional food reserves. This has been done through attempts to receive funding for a pilot project, and there will be a third attempt to achieve this in 2016. We believe that campaigning…   Read more

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Dealing with the Hydra

In any dealings with the EU you have to get used to the fact that there are several power centres. Lobbyists know this very well. No sooner are they out of the Commission, having tried to persuade officials to propose some piece of legislation, than they are scurrying off to the Parliament to persuade MEPs…   Read more

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Life with Mickey Mouse

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There’s a pleasant café inside the European Parliament which owing to the pastel-gone-mad shades of its furnishings is known as the Mickey Mouse Bar. ACTION has spent a lot of time there in recent weeks explaining its position on regional food reserves to the great and the good, i.e. MEPs and their assistants. It needed…   Read more

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